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Please download Source Files Updated since 1.0 for fixes including an important fix to read large Exif headers properly. Compile these and prepend to your CLASSPATH for the fixes.
(Source files last updated on May 13 2006)

MediaUtil - A Java API Package for Media Related Utilities

Version 1.0 Updated October 1 2005
Page Updated May 13 2006

MediaUtil is an offshoot of the MediaChest Project to provide a well packaged Java API for Media Related Utilities.

Below is the Current API Offering from MediaUtil.


LLJTran is an API for performing Lossless Transformations on JPEG image files which also provides the Capability of handling Exif information. Following are the key features:


To use Download and extract it to a suitable folder. Then include the mediautil-1.0.jar file in your CLASSPATH. The download also includes source under the src directory and documentation including javadocs under the docs directory.

For Getting Started please see which is a tutorial with different usage examples.

For an example on modifying GPS info in Exif see (It requires the latest fixes mentioned on top of this page).

For API reference please see the Javadocs.

Android Port

See for an Android Port of MediaUtil.

Projects using the MediaUtil API

Please inform if your project/product is using MediaUtil so that we can add it to the below list:

Known issues

Exif parsing of certain vendor specifiic formats can issue memory overflow.


Dmitriy Rogatkin (

Suresh Mahalingam (


MediaUtil is free to download, use, modify and redistribute for non-commercial and and commercial purposes without any warranties of course.

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