MediaChest modifications history

70 - moved to the Sourceforge from other hosting

71 - fixed bugs in local publishing of MP3 files

72 - improved file explorer in ripper and started work on image scaling

73 - fixed the upgrader bug

74 - work on the upgrader to able upgrade more than the main archive, new JavaLayer

75 - showing thumbnails for JPEG regardless using JAI

76 - fixing rename problem after allowing multiple rename masks

77-78 - thumbnails generation for non dig camera JPEG and saving without JAI

79 - NNTP publishing added, not all works yet, but worth to try

80 - implemented a simple index generation for NNTP posts

81-86 - bug fixing, revealing basic printing capability broken by switching to j2sdk 1.4

88 - New 2002 year gift. Bug fixes and work on printing capabilities similar to supported by Windows XP.

90 - fixed annoying bug resetting locale after modifying properties

91 - fixed bug not updated Exif at transformation, made work on editing Exif

93 - to keep sources public, new year gift

96 - beta iPod support

100 - much improved iPod support, fixed many bugs in id3 tagging, implemented all basic functionality for iPod, as rules for naming, group renaming operations and many others.

101 - further improvement of iPod support.

102 - reconsidered internal data structures, improved NLS, some UI enhancements *

103 - done many updates to reach iTunes compatibility and smart lists functionality *

104 - fixing tagging bugs and added new tags, fixed sort order problem and some stability issues *

105 - fixed minor UI issues, BPM/Added date, smart list defaults, play list export in XML and CSV, and smart list processing improvements. *

106 - fixed ID3 and AAC tagging problems, added WAV support with tags, fixed smart play list functionality. *

107 - fixed editing field compilation, added grouping support still not supported by firmware 2.1 though. 2004 New Year Gift!*

108 - fixed problems in ID3 tagging, improved drag&drop  for  playlists.*

109 - added support of on-the-go lists, information from addressbook can be stored in iPods contacts as well, renaming list useful for otg. *

110 - fixed problem with syncing renamed or deleted playlists. *

111 - fixed storing most recent select by attribute of a smart play list, corrected group info editing broken in 108. *

112 - fixed 'most' attribute setting in smart list, some improvement info editing. *

113 - fixed on-the-go update, added delete from list only, some other bug fixes. *

114 - fixed time zone bug preventing smart play list updating properly. There is still a bug related to sort order of time related smart lists. *

115 - switched to Bee building tool. Fixed bug related to not updating db if item changed in playlist, and editing smart playlist.

116 - repaired broken on-the-go functionality, changed db version to be match used with iTunes 4.5 (firmware 2.2).

117 - added splitter for iPod navigation tree, some minor bug fixes.

118 - fixing bugs in splitter.

119 - fixed problem at start over, file/path infor extracted can override ID3 taginfo.

120 - fixed problem shadowing warning dialogs by splash window on Linux

121 - cosmetic bug fixes, improved encoding changing

123 - corrected sorting for multi disks albums

127 - added support of smart playlists based on other playlists and saved on-the-go lists.

129 - added support of iPod photo for album arts only, ID3 tag sync with iTunesDB.

130 - corrected iPod photo support for album artworks.

131 - added album artwork preview, fixed group edit bug.

132,133 - WebStart based launch, iPod autodetection.

134-139 - iTunes 5.0/Nano compatibility. MediaUtil as a separate project.

140 - fixed problem with copying back from iPod with directories.

143 - fixed problem with odbc-jdbc bridge for JDK 1.6, added picture slide show, bug fixes.

144-148 - work on some stability issues, improved the latest ID3V2.4 support

149-150 - bug fixes

151-158 - added support iPod 5G, code switched to use Aldan 3 library

160 - fixed smart lists bugs happened in 158

161-163 - fixed artwork storing problems, corrected ID3 writing compatible with MS products, some other bugs fixing.

197 - enriched playback with several popular lossess media formats and also added iPod touch support Logo